Dr Debabrata Roy

Head of Epidemiology and Research

Debabrata joined the DSRU as a Research Fellow in October 2015. He has a life science background and holds a BSc in Pharmacology (University College London) and an MSc in Drug Discovery Skills (King’s College London). Debabrata completed a PhD in Neuroendocrinology pre-clinical research from Imperial College London investigating the role of neuropeptides in appetite regulation and energy homeostasis.

He has also trained in Epidemiology, gaining an MSc from Imperial College London. Debabrata provides pharmacoepidemiological support in the design and analysis of M-PEM, SCEM and CPRD studies. In addition, he is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth and is currently working towards and supports the DSRU’s Post-graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance.

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