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About the Centre

The Centre for Pharmacovigilance Sciences (formerly the Institute of Pharmacovigilance Sciences) was established to build on the DSRU’s methodological research in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology. The launch of the Centre marks a major expansion in the DSRU’s expertise and track record in methodological and pharmacovigilance research, both to improve existing methods and propose new ones.

The Centre will study important medicine and vaccine safety issues. The work will be conducted both in-house and through collaborations.


Conducting high-quality methodological research

The Centre for Pharmacovigilance Sciences is predominantly focused on conducting high-quality methodological research. Its work will include evaluations of existing methods and development of new methods in pharmacovigilance. In addition, the Centre will conduct evaluation of the safety of medicines, such as ‘living’ benefit/risk evaluations and systematic reviews.

The following entities will also come under the auspices of the Centre for Pharmacovigilance Sciences:

1. DSRU International Working Group on New Developments in Pharmacovigilance
The IWG includes experts from over 20 organisations in the pharma industry and academia. The aim of the IWG is to assess the impact of new developments in biomedical sciences on signal detection and management in pharmacovigilance, aiming to improve its efficiency and protect public health.

2. The DSRU Global Pharmacovigilance Observatory
The DSRU Global Pharmacovigilance Observatory aims to bring together data about the safety of medicines and vaccines from regulatory authorities and other data sources of multiple countries into one place.

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