The DSRU’s epidemiologists conduct studies using CPRD, the UK’s database of NHS primary healthcare records

The DSRU’s epidemiologists are experienced in conducting studies using real-world data (RWD) from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), the NHS observational data service, based in the UK.

Regulators are increasingly recognising the importance of RWD during the pre- and post-marketing phases. The UK healthcare system is well-suited to the RWD approach, and the CPRD research service provides unique opportunities for researchers to utilise the power of a longitudinal health dataset to answer a range of research questions.


The DSRU team uses CPRD data in a variety of study designs.

DSRU uses CPRD data to investigate various research questions in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology, including:

  • Studies to fulfil post-authorisation regulatory requirements (PASS), including those which form part of the product’s risk management plan
  • Studies to support drug development, marketing authorisation application and extension of license
  • Drug utilisation studies
  • Safety studies investigating exposures and outcomes of interest over time

The CPRD dataset contains electronic primary healthcare records of 16 million active patients and is representative of the wider UK population. For further information about CPRD, click here.