What we do and reasons to approach the DSRU for your next observational study

The DSRU is a service provider and independent research organisation that conducts observational studies for both large and small pharma companies. These companies appreciate that as the DSRU is a small, flexible research organisation we can react quickly and access data rapidly. We conduct real-world studies on medicines for any indication and are not limited to certain specialities.

The DSRU is internationally recognised for conducting post-authorisation safety studies (PASS) but as a broad pharmacoepidemiology unit, we conduct a range of observational studies including CPRD studies, risk minimisation effectiveness studies, registries, drug utilisation studies, systematic reviews, benefit-risk assessments and much more. We have developed unique study methods to conduct UK PASS in primary and/ or secondary care, in collaboration with the NIHR Clinical Research Networks, as well as European network studies (suited to PASS or risk minimisation). As the UK’s highly respected experts in drug safety, we have an innate understanding of the UK’s NHS. We also have excellent links with medicines regulators which, combined with our extensive experience, means that we are experts at interpreting regulatory requests. All of the observational studies that we have proposed have been accepted by medicines regulators with little or no amendment.

We have access to a variety of data sources: besides CPRD and a wide range of European healthcare databases, we can collect bespoke information from UK medical records via GPs and NHS care teams. Through conducting network studies with European partners, our team has accumulated knowledge of challenges and solutions to working with different data sources and healthcare systems.

The DSRU’s success is underpinned by our brilliant multidisciplinary team, which includes the full range of experts including epidemiologists, medics and pharmacovigilance specialists.

Don’t just take our word for it though! Get in touch to find out more about what we can do or to explore ideas for an observational study. We don’t have salespeople, but members of our research team would be happy to set up a call.