MEDS: The DSRU Centre for Methods, Evidence and Regulations in Drug Safety

Saad Shakir writes:

A new centre has been established at the DSRU to focus and expand the Unit’s methodological research.

The mission of the DSRU is to protect patients from the hazards of medicines. While significant advances have been made in our field in the last 60 years, far more remains to be done.

Our aims are to both evaluate and improve on our existing methods, to modify some of our existing approaches and propose new methods.

A small team of Physicians, Epidemiologists and Biomedical Scientists will work at MEDS. We will expand the efforts by allocating internal resources, establishing collaborations and seeking research grants.

MEDS will build on the strong foundation of methodological research conducted by the DSRU over the years. The Unit has produced important methodological research which has been widely quoted in medical literature. However, our ambition is big and we aim for a major expansion in methodological research. As always the DSRU seeks to be judged by its delivery not its words.