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    The Risk Benefit Assessment in Pharmacovigilance course enables delegates to explore the relationship between risk and benefit, plus review the integration of appropriate strategies within risk management plans.
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    The course covers the current and future requirements for the production of case narratives, at an individual level and also within regulatory submissions such as periodic benefit risk evaluation reports. Practical coaching takes place in small groups where delegates have the opportunity to discuss individual cases and receive feedback from expert tutors.
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    Our Pharmacovigilance in Products Subject to Licencing Agreements course provides delegates with an overview of the nature and types of relationships and agreements between such partners. Delegates will be equipped with practical advice on how partners should remain compliant with legal requirements. In addition, the course will provide an overview of other relationships where safety language may be appropriate in other contracts/agreements and things to consider in documenting such relationships in the Pharmacovigilance Master File.
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    The Medical Aspects of Adverse Drug Reactions course provides delegates with the opportunity to acquire concentrated instruction on the strategy of therapeutics, medical diagnosis and all medical aspects of ADRs. It is divided into individual body systems (such as hepatic, endocrine, haematological, neurological, psychiatric, cardiovascular, oncological, gastrointestinal, renal and respiratory) and general concepts of ADRs.
  • Our Monitoring Safety in Clinical Trials and Drug Development course is aimed at providing delegates with an overview of some of the challenges companies faced in implementation of safety standards and best practice in managing their implementation in order to comply with applicable legislation and guidance both pre- and post-authorisation.
  • Back to Basics in Pharmacovigilance is a course designed to provide solid practical foundations for those working in drug safety.
  • Our Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology course is aimed at introducing delegates to the core concepts of this scientific discipline. Attendance at this course can be used as part of the training required for the Drug Safety Surveillance module of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Speciality Training (PMST).
  • Big Data for Pharmacovigilance

    In 2018 we held the first conference on "Big Data for Pharmacovigilance". Following the success of this event, and as the scale of available health data is increasingly rapidly, we will be holding the conference again in 2019.