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Project Description

UK BIO-TRAC (IRAS Ref. 227580) Study

A hospital pharmacist survey to assess the current systems for recording batch and brand name details for biologics in the UK hospital setting.

This survey is part of the UK BIO-TRAC study and aims to assess the extent to which biological medicinal products (‘biologics’) are traceable within the hospital setting and how this may facilitate the reporting of an adverse drug reaction (ADR). The survey focuses on recording of brand name and batch number during the processes of prescribing, dispensing and administration of biologics in the hospital setting. The study is a collaborative project between DSRU and colleagues at Escher ( in the Netherlands.

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Drug Safety Research Unit Bursledon Hall, Blundell Lane, Southampton, SO31 1AA, U.K.

Phone: +44 (0)23 80 40 86 00

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