The Rivaroxaban Observational Safety Evaluation (ROSE) Study2018-07-16T12:03:34+00:00

Project Description

The Rivaroxaban Observational Safety Evaluation (ROSE) Study

The ROSE study is an observational post-authorisation safety specialist cohort event monitoring study (SCEM) to monitor the short term (first 3 months) safety and utilisation of Rivaroxaban (XARELTO®) prescribed for medical conditions requiring anticoagulation by specialists in secondary care in England and Wales. The study is being carried out by the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU), an independent registered medical charity.

Patient recruitment to the ROSE study has now ended.

For any enquiries please contact us.

Contact Info

Drug Safety Research Unit Bursledon Hall, Blundell Lane, Southampton, SO31 1AA, U.K.

Phone: +44 (0)23 80 40 86 00

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