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Project Description

GP Masterclass – Effective Prescribing

Course overview

Venue: Royal College of General Practitioners, London

Date: 13 Nov 2019

Our GP Masterclass – Effective Prescribing is an educational day for GPs, looking at various aspects of effective prescribing, accredited by the RCGP. This November, the Masterclass is held at the Royal College of General Practitioners, London for a chance to think more about your prescribing decisions and to hear from the experts. There will be opportunities for discussion and professional interaction.

Aims of course

This is a very practical training day intended to be directly applicable to practice. The sessions include scenarios which GPs are likely to encounter frequently and potential sources of help (including pharmacists or technology) in order to ensure that the knowledge gained can be fully and immediately used in the day-to-day work.

New topics for 2019

  • Acute Kidney Injury: Recognition and Prevention in Primary Care
  • Prescribing for children: Focusing on constipation and cows’ milk allergy
  • Management of chronic pain

Other key topics

  • Appropriate prescribing in the elderly
  • Effective prescribing for diabetes: an overview
  • Effective prescribing for depression and anxiety
  • Safe prescribing of DOACs
  • The relevance of clinical research to practising GPs

Learning outcomes

  • Improve your knowledge of prescribing for depression and anxiety
  • Clarify points to consider when prescribing for diabetes
  • Understand key issues when prescribing in the elderly
  • Learn about recognition and prevention of Acute Kidney Injury in primary care
  • Understand two key issues when prescribing for children – constipation and cows’ milk allergy
  • Receive tips on management of chronic pain
  • Take away key messages relating to safe prescribing of DOACs
  • Understand the relevance of clinical research to practising GPs


Cost Per Delegate:

£125 + VAT Fee for GP

(Excluding VAT, Total Including VAT £150)


£85 + VAT Fee for GP Registrar

(Excluding VAT, Total Including VAT £102)

Registration fee includes lunch, refreshments and electronic access to all course materials.

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“Interesting, engaging and helpful. Very relevant”

GP Masterclass Delegate 2018

 “I’ve really enjoyed today. Best course I’ve been to in a long time!”

GP Masterclass Delegate 2018

“Helpful practical tips to think about when seeing patients”

GP Masterclass Delegate 2018

“Clear, current advice I can refer to in future”

GP Masterclass Delegate 2018

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