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Project Description

Developing Gravitas: A masterclass in maximising your leadership potential

Improving your presence and impact in your organisation

Course overview

Venue: Drug Safety Research Unit, Bursledon Hall, Blundell Lane, Bursledon, Southampton. SO31 1AA

Date: 22 Oct 2020*

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Improving your presence and impact in your organisation

Gravitas is a crucial skill for business success. Building gravitas enables leaders to communicate with confidence, increase their personal visibility and handle challenging situations more effectively. People with gravitas network better, communicate better, present better and lead better. In a competitive environment, people who know how to access their personal gravitas build stronger relationships and get better results from stakeholders and teams.

The Developing Gravitas Masterclass presents a unique, results-proven methodology designed by author of Leading with Gravitas, Antoinette Dale Henderson and is based on extensive research with global leaders. As part of the course, you’ll explore the six key ingredients to gravitas and apply simple techniques to develop this powerful business skill.

Limited spaces available.

*Please note that the course dates and programme may be subject to change.

Who should attend?

Staff working in pharmacovigilance or related fields in the pharma industry, regulatory agencies or academia or those working independently.



Antoinette Dale Henderson

With over 25 years’ experience in leadership development and communications, Antoinette specialises in delivering strategically-driven, results-orientated programmes that make a powerful difference to executives, boards and top teams, both in the UK and internationally.

She launched The Gravitas Programme to provide leaders with the skills to command respect and inspire a shared vision. The programme is based on extensive research into the six qualities that make up this essential business skill.

As a published author (Leading with Gravitas, Rethink Press and Power Up, Known Publishing), Antoinette is regularly invited to deliver keynotes on gravitas, leadership and promoting the cause of women in business.

Before setting up her company, she held senior positions at many of the world’s top PR consultancies, delivering award-winning campaigns for the pharmaceutical industry.

Kate Craven

Kate is passionate about creating and facilitating impactful, challenging and engaging leadership development programmes that initiate lasting behavioural change. Kate’s aim is to ground programmes in the ‘real world’ exploring business challenges and opportunities and helping participants to achieve success.

Kate specialises in the field of leadership and management development, enabling leaders to identify their purpose and create paths to success. She is frequently asked to work with groups of senior leaders to develop their personal presence and explore their authentic voice when presenting.

Focusing on creating impact and connecting with an audience, Kate is an accredited MBTI Practitioner, Thomas International PPA facilitator, facilitator of Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and an accredited coach through the Henley Management College.

Aims of course

Objectives include:

  • Explore and apply techniques to communicate with credibility, both formally and informally
  • Identify and apply strategies to increase personal impact and influence
  • Develop skills to handle challenging conversations effectively and ensure your voice is heard

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course delegates should be able to:

  • Have increased awareness of and confidence in their expertise and value as a leader within their role and scope of work
  • Be able to articulate their vision and communicate views with conviction and authority
  • Know how to increase their visibility as a leader in their field
  • Have practiced strategies for ensuring their voice gets heard
  • Understand how to make subtle, yet powerful changes to body language for greater influence

Key Topics

The Masterclass will be based on the Gravitas Model and tailored to the requirements of the people in the room, whether employed within the pharmaceutical industry or working independently. It will include a tailored blend of the following:

  • Why is gravitas important in your role?
  • Challenges of being respected and standing your ground in a fast paced and constantly evolving industry
  • Maximising your leadership potential
  • Understanding yourself, assessing your strengths, your impact on others and how to maximise your influence
  • Honing your expertise: the building block for commanding respect
  • Building an authentic brand and knowing how to communicate it
  • Increasing your presence: posture, body language, voice
  • Building connection and rapport
  • Assertive communication: powerful, precise and concise
  • Techniques for handling challenging conversations


£330 + VAT Academic

(Academic Units, Public Sector Organisations, Registered Charities)


£412.50 + VAT Standard

(Standard Registration)

Registration fee includes lunch, refreshments and access to all course materials

Please note there are limited spaces available on this course and we therefore suggest booking well in advance.

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Gravitas is an important skill that can enable you to command respect and get promoted.

Most of us have, at some point, experienced the challenge of not being able to express ourselves effectively. That heart-sinking moment of knowing that we didn’t quite do ourselves justice in a meeting or presentation. Or that annoying feeling when the point we’ve just made is brushed aside, only to be fervently agreed with when made by someone else.

In an increasingly informal age, where social media, textspeak and one-line emails have become the norm, it is ironic that ‘gravitas’, a quality traditionally associated with formality, is becoming increasingly important. In the rush of corporate life, more and more employees are expected to display it earlier and earlier in their careers. Yet despite being an important skill, it is often misunderstood, which can be a challenge for talented treasures who want to get to the very top of their organisation.

Gravitas is often perceived as an inherent trait, normally associated with silver-haired, older men. This assumption can act as an invisible barrier to talented employees who have the potential to reach the boardroom, but don’t fit this ‘type’. If we are really to tackle the lack of diversity at senior levels, it is critical that we address the ‘gravitas myth’.


Gravitas is a vital quality that talented employees need to have if they want to move up the career ladder and maintain their position at the top. People with gravitas lead better, present better, communicate better and network better. In a competitive environment, leaders who have gravitas build stronger relationships, win more business, get promoted more quickly and get better results.

The term comes up frequently during appraisals, delivered as a throwaway line to an aspiring leaders, who is told they ‘must develop gravitas in order to advance’ without any practical advice on how to develop it. The reality is that few people are born with gravitas. It is also true that everyone has the potential to develop it, with the right support and guidance.

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