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“The right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time, to the right patient” – GVP, Module XVI

The multidisciplinary DSRU team is experienced in advising on additional risk minimisation measures and measuring the effectiveness of risk minimisation activities.

Reasons to use the DSRU for risk minimisation:

  • Our world class pharmacoepidemiologists are experienced in conducting risk minimisation studies
  • Our team includes medics, epidemiologists, pharmacists and biomedical scientists
  • We have innate understanding of the UK health system which is important in implementing and measuring risk minimisation measures (both the process and outcomes)
  • We have an in depth understanding of European pharmacovigilance regulations

Our risk minimisation service can include:

  • Interpreting regulatory requirements to decide on the most suitable risk minimisation measure to use
  • Designing risk minimisation activities
  • Designing studies to monitor the effectiveness of risk minimisation measures
  • We offer a full study package, including writing the protocol, conducting the study, analysing the data, writing the report and publishing the results
  • We make use of our unique links with prescribers in both primary and secondary care
  • We also have access to secondary data sources, such as CPRD should this be required

To find out more about risk minimisation:

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