Pharmacoepidemiological databases

There are a number of pharmacoepidemiological databases available for research including:

Electronic healthcare data resources

  • CPRD (Clinical Practice Research Datalink)
  • THIN (The Health Improvement Network)
  • IMS Health Disease Analyzer databases

Spontaneous reporting databases

  • Yellow card scheme
  • Lareb
  • Vigibase
  • Eudravigilance

Although the DSRU has developed and maintained its own in-house bespoke database derived from primary care data, we also use external databases when it is the best option for the study.

The use of these databases is considered appropriate when:

  • Sufficient samples are available in the database
  • Less time is required to conduct study compared to prospective design
  • Linkage to other data resources may be possible
  • There may be potential to examine data from multiple countries

The DSRU has experience in conducting studies within various databases and can provide the following support for such studies:

  • Production of a protocol considering regulatory requirements for study
  • Management of the study and analysis of data
  • Interpretation of study results
  • Production of interim and final study reports
  • Publication of study results in peer reviewed journals

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