About Us

Established in 1981, the Drug Safety Research Unit (DSRU) monitors, studies and communicates the safety and risk management of medicines.


Our aim is to achieve the highest possible scientific and ethical standards, by putting the interests of patients first and to work with integrity and fairness with all our partners.

Risk management

Through our historical links with doctors in the NHS, the unit conducts studies in both primary and secondary care, many of which are risk management studies which are part of Drug Safety Risk Management Plans (RMPs) in the EU.


Our activities are principally concerned with pharmacovigilance, that is, the detection of side-effects associated with the use of marketed drugs. The DSRU undertakes all forms of research studies and evaluations of the safety of medicines and provides education and training in pharmacovigilance and related subjects.

Independent Scientific Excellence

The DSRU is an independent unit providing scientific excellence demonstrated through conducting clinical research database studies which are used to support public health decisions and production of publications in international peer reviewed journals since 1980.

The DSRU makes significant, valuable contributions in the area of post marketing surveillance of pharmaceutical products. We have achieved both recognition and endorsement by the regulatory authorities, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.